Friday, September 13, 2013

The Empowerment Tour - Week Two

Week one wrapped up in Northern California and took the tour down the coast by way of San Francisco and Santa Cruz.
Heading up to the Vantage Point.

The Golden Gate!

A visit to the Whole Foods Sebastopol provided an unexpected reunion with Amber, one of the team members who accompanied Alaffia to Togo last year. (Watch the video from the trip here)
Reunion Hug

Catching Up

The days from San Francisco to San Diego were filed with store visits and dinners with friends. Olowo-n’djo was given the opportunity to cook traditional Togolese fare for many of the store events, highlighting Red PalmOil. Olowo-n’djo was grateful for the opportunity to cook for so many, as a way to express his appreciation to all who have supported Alaffia and the Co-ops for the past ten years.
Chef Tchala at Whole Foods Fairfax.

Serving up the Togolese cuisine!

The Eager Crowd

One of the many viewings held of the new Alaffia documentary.

Each of the events was memorable, and we can’t thank all those who helped to orchestrate them enough.
Plenty of raffle baskets loaded with Fair Trade Alaffia products were awarded down the coast, and Olowo-n’djo was more than happy to offer the baskets to the winners.
The Lucky Winner at Mother's Market in Santa Rosa.

Basket: Claimed at Mother's Market Costa Mesa.

With one final stop at People’s co-op and a trip to the fuel pump for a tank of Bio-diesel, The Empowerment Tour was off to Sin City for the next leg of the Tour. California, and all who became a part of the Tour through store events, dinners, and places to stay, thank you!
It has been special to reconnect with retailers that have worked with Alaffia since the beginning over 9 years ago. There is a lot of goodness and positive energy around the whole trip. People are going above and beyond!” –Olowo-n’djo

Sushi with friends in Costa Mesa.

Lunch Break at Whole Foods Stevens Creek.
Olowo-n'djo, prepped for a beach run in Santa Monica.


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