Friday, September 27, 2013

The Empowerment Tour - Week #4 Recap from Olowo-n'djo

Spanning four states and covering more than 1,500 miles, week four of The Empowerment Tour covered more ground than any other week yet.
Olowo-n’djo and crew wrapped up their time in Arizona and New Mexico amidst new friends and old: “It was great to reconnect with old friends in Arizona and make new friends. So many people are there for Alaffia, with a sense of pride in their role and happiness for Alaffia’s continued growth. New Mexico added another layer to the momentum of the tour because of the excitement from the reps and retailers. The dinner visit was wonderful because it was about people from different stores coming together to share and learn how Alaffia supports the world with their help.”

Dinner Training at Il Vicino.

One of the great stops in Albuquerque.

The team at Whole Foods Austin Gateway.

Whole Foods Market Austin Lamar

Whole Foods Market Metairie

Another highlight of New Mexico was the visit to the Petrified Forest National Park. “Visiting the Petrified Forest National Park in New Mexico was a vivid reminder of the power of nature and the passing of time. To go to a place that was once a forest kingdom, but now is just rock is a reminder that we are not immune to extinction, and that we need to be very conscious of how we deal with the world and think about the future.”
Taking in the Petrified National Forest

Texas also proved to be a memorable stop. Olowo-n’djo was given the opportunity to show the documentary at Whole Foods Corporate Offices in Austin. “I want to express my deep appreciation for everyone that came to the documentary presentations in Austin. And thank you very much for the goodies for the road! We were happy to have Rose and the girls come to join us on the tour in Texas—it helped me so much to see my family.”

The Tchala family with the team at Whole Foods Houson Montrose

One the road out of Texas, the tour made a late arrival into Louisiana, but was warmly welcomed by friends of Trevor who graciously hosted the team. “It was so wonderful to come “home” to delicious late-night Jambalaya made by our New Orleans hosts; the flavors reminded me of Togo.”
Late night Jumbalaya dinner

After weeks on the road, the team isn’t immune to the wear and tear of the journey, but they remain in high spirits because of the kindness from everyone encountered along the way. “I feel good that the tour team is working together well and getting along, it helps a lot that we are mutually supportive. But it is a challenge to be on the road because I miss my family terribly. I also realize the weight that Rose carries by not only taking care of the family but also wearing so many hats at Alaffia while I’m away on the tour. Yet despite the difficulties and sadness I feel even stronger in the knowledge that we aren’t in this alone. Every new mile finds more people ready to contribute to Alaffia’s journey. This makes me even more committed to continue in our efforts.”

A "Soul Collector" the team met in Austin. He traded his cd's for some black soap and said a prayer for the journey.
After an authentic 'Nawlin's' dinner at Jaques-Imo's cafe in New Orleans.

A quick po'boy stop on the way out of town.


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