Friday, September 20, 2013

The Empowerment Tour – Week 3

Week three found the tour crew saying goodbye to the sandy beaches of SoCal and heading to the painted deserts of the southwest. The first city stop out of California, Las Vegas, got a special treat: Rose flew down and joined the tour. The day in Vegas was packed with positive visits, but special thanks must be extended to Whole Foods Las Vegas Blvd. for organizing such a fun and inspiring few hours! Thank you all for the extra effort your team put in to organizing the event, from the delicious food to the drummers and demos. 
(The addition of the massage chair was a touch of genius!)

Serving up the spread at Whole Foods Las Vegas Blvd.
The event soundtrack.

The MUCH appreciated moment of relaxation.

The tour exited Nevada and came into the Grand Canyon State in high spirits, taking a detour past the Hoover Dam enroute to Phoenix. Visited by over one million tourists per year; the giant expanse of concrete arching across Lake Mead is one of the top 10 construction achievements of the 20th century. Amidst controversy, it stands, in Olowo-n’djo’s words, as “evidence of what humankind is capable of, but also a reminder of how we have the ability to alter and potentially destroy this world.”
Olowo-n'djo at the Hoover Dam.

View of the Colorado River.
As the tour progressed through Arizona, the team became equally acquainted with the unique desert scenery as with the extreme heat that accompanies it. 110 degree heat notwithstanding, Arizona was filled with reunions with old friends and the meeting of many new ones.

Breakfast with new friends, Kathy and Seffa in their sustainably built solar powered home made from shipping crates. 

Thank you both for opening up such a beautiful space for the crew!

As always, we wish to extend gratitude to everyone in Nevada and Arizona who opened up their homes or came to an event, as well as to the stores that hosted and the reps who planned.
All the stores we have visited are ready and waiting for us. They understand what the tour is about. There are a lot of supporters. We are grateful to the many families that have prepared us food and provided us with a place to stay. They go above and beyond. I'm fired up to go!" –Olowo-n’djo

This must have been a good story!

Olowo-n'djo and the guys from FreshE!, thanks for organizing a great tour through Nevada and Arizona! 

Olowo-n'djo and Lisa Ann.


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