Friday, September 6, 2013

The Empowerment Tour - Week One

The long awaited Empowerment Tour is officially underway! Olowo-n’djo and crew pulled out of HQ at 3:30 on Monday en route to their first stop in Crescent City, CA after a morning of packing and saying some final farewells.

Last minute tech details with Sam.

Fully loaded and ready for the tour.

The drive to Crescent City was long but filled with beautiful stops along the rugged West Coast.

Photo op on the 101.

A quick stop with Paul and Babe can't be passed up-

Upon arrival in Crescent City, the team was warmly welcomed by Lawrence Batterton who had a busy but exciting first day planned, full of visiting stores and sharing the Alaffia vision with both new friends and old.
Before the last stop of the day, the tour took a diversion past the Carson Mansion in Eureka. Named for the logging magnate who owned it, the house is a towering mix of many Victorian architectural styles, and the most photographed Victorian house in California. Carson himself was known for his philanthropic nature and had a reputation for fairness with his employees. He paid a decent wage, reduced working hours and was respected in his community.

A collision of style: Carson Mansion, meet Alaffia.

The Carson Mansion was a fitting stop on the first day of The Empowerment Tour, as the next two months are dedicated not only to celebrating the empowerment that comes through Fair Trade, but also to celebrate the strides of Empowerment made throughout history.

Thank you Lawrence for the tour and history lesson, the tour is off to a beautiful start!

“Today was a joyful day. In each store we visited, from small co-ops to larger markets, we got a sense of the care people have for the world and for Alaffia. The tour is developing its own life and we are now ready for the next day.” –Olowo-n’djo Tchala


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