Thursday, May 30, 2013

6 Riders + 81 Days and Endless Miles + A [nearly] All Consuming Love of the Co-op Movement = Co-Cycle

Alaffia was recently introduced to Co-Cycle. A group who, in their own words, are “a dedicated collective, working to organize a fun, safe, challenging, and exhilarating adventure you will never forget.”

Last year's Co-cycle team.
Co-cycle is a student based group of biking buffs from a wide range of fields of study, who share a passion for all things co-op. Co-Cycle will be riding around the good ol’ U-S-of-A, organizing events and workshops in the cities they pass through, focusing on the importance of the co-op movement to our world, fueled by “hope, and inspiration towards a better world”, and, of course Alaffia products! When we were asked to sponsor the Olympia leg of their journey, we were excited to be able to supply them with products. We love being a part of the co-op movement and value the opportunity to partner with like minded individuals who are driven towards solving global issues, focused on social justice.  Armed with some Authentic Black Soap, Africa’s Secret Skin Creme, and a few other products, we can’t wait to see how their journey progresses! In each city they stop, they will be hosting two day events celebrating co-ops and teaching others about their importance. Check their itinerary; they may be stopping in your town!

One of the many events organized by Co-cycle for the 2012 tour.
Check out their website for updates on their progress of strengthening co-op ties, as well as developing skills in collaboration, organization, and last but not least, cycling, across the country.
Good luck on your journey, Co-Cycle. We’re excited to watch it unfold!

Riders on the 2012 Co-cycle tour.


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