Thursday, June 6, 2013

First (annual?) Marshmallow Games!

First Thursday has rolled around again, and the Alaffia team headed out to the warehouse gym for the Olympic Games of Marshmallow Sports (Marshmallow sports are ABSOLUTELY a thing.)

Shipping, production, and office staff were divided up into seven teams, and with that, the madness began! 
The Line-up of competitors.

 Match #1:
 This round found everyone getting their feet wet (or should we say hands sticky?) with a quick bout of line-up and toss (this is the technical name for lining up and tossing marshmallows, in case you aren’t familiar with the sport).

Some SERIOUS shots were made...

While some not-so-serious faces lined the side-lines.

Match #2:
Round two got real serious, real quick. Form is EVERYTHING when shooting hoops with air puffed sugar. 
Curtis, getting serious.
Laura's stellar form.

Match #3:
This was the hands on, down and dirty match; thirty seconds to shred a marshmallow into as many pieces as humanly possible. Winner gains the respect of their team, and an irremovable sticky residue for days. (All for the game!)
Brave teammates, shredding like pros.

Match #4:
Gut check time. This was the final round, the clincher for the winning team (who reportedly had a whopping TWENTY-SIX COUNT volley! Tre impressive.) All seven teams circled up and had an intense two minutes of marshmallow volley.
Sylvia was not messing around.

Sam was dressed for sporty success; shades AND hat to ward off the warehouse glare.

The winning team. In action. Volley pros.

Points were tallied, and while everyone refueled from the strenuous activities and soaked up some sun, the winning team was announced. Russell’s team took first! (No surprise there, he seems to be on Lady Luck’s side every time First Thursday rolls around.)
The walk of victory

A few of the days champions, enjoying their spoils.

 Until the next time!