Friday, December 6, 2013

Human Rights and Dignity

On Tuesday, December 10th Alaffia will celebrate Human Rights. Leading up to this day the world has been taking a stand against gender violence in a variety of ways including wearing the color orange. Across Facebook and Twitter people have been using #iwearorangebecause , #16days, or #orangeurworld to tell their friends, and anyone listening, that violence against women has become an epidemic across the world that must be stopped.  Alaffia has, and always will, align itself and support people and organizations who champion the empowerment and equality of women worldwide.

The mission to empower women is so fundamental to Alaffia that it is ingrained in to the company’s business model.  Alaffia believes that, as a company and community, it is possible to eliminate the barriers to success in the lives of those who are less fortunate, and give them the dignity they inherently deserve by providing education, giving gainful employment, and providing maternal support.  Alaffia’s bicycles for education program has taken a dropout rate of 90% and reversed it to a 95% graduation rate among participants.  Alaffia’s Co-ops in Togo provide full-time work to over 500 women and thousands of jobs to women seasonally.  Alaffia’s maternal health program has saved the lives of hundreds of women and babies by providing comprehensive care through the entire gestational process.  These three programs have been and will always be a part of Alaffia’s mission to give dignity to all people.

By working together we can create a world where each person is valued for their individual uniqueness. Alaffia and Olowo-n’djo have worked towards this for the past ten years, and -while it may be a long journey- we are committed to dedicating our lives to the fulfillment of this ideal.


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