Friday, October 18, 2013

The Empowerment Tour – Week #7:

This Week the tour began the two week long journey back to Washington by way of Upstate New York, and many stops throughout the Midwest.
The tour spent a few days getting well acquainted with Mid-West Hospitality through Indiana and Ohio. This stretch of the tour was full of store trainings and opportunities to share the vision and mission of Alaffia. Many were impacted and their support of Fair Trade and its ability to change our world was strengthened.  “We continue to see people who are taking an active role in participating in making the world better. It feels like there is a strong desire to do something about improving things, and it’s great to participate in these discussions.”
The Empowerment Tour welcomed by Wisconsin

Store training at Sunrise Natural Market.

Many thanks to MaryAnn for a wonderful time in Indiana and Ohio!

Chicago received a special treat; Rose flew out and joined the tour for the three days in The Windy City.
“As the Empowerment Tour entered its final week, I had the opportunity to join Olowo-n’djo in Chicago. For ten years, we have given our entire lives to Alaffia and our journey towards empowerment, social change and poverty alleviation for our communities in Togo. One of the things that has kept us going throughout these years is the knowledge of the trust and support we get from everyone involved in this journey. Sometimes, though, when preoccupied with the day to day necessities of keeping this organization moving, I lose sight of just how much we depend on this and how grateful I am that we have it.  At each and every store that I visited with Olowo-n’djo, I was reminded of the kind and great efforts that people make to help us.  The experience is very humbling and has given me renewed energy and excitement for what the next ten years may bring. I am sure I speak for Olowo-n’djo when I say there are not words to describe how much we appreciate all the hard work our representatives and retailers have put towards ensuring the success of the Empowerment Tour and Alaffia’s journey.”

The team at Whole Foods Lakewiew

Regional Meeting at Whole Foods headquarters downtown Chicago

The team at Dill Pickle

Whole Foods Market Kingsbury

With just a few stops left, The Empowerment Tour is drawing to a close, and we would like to, again, thank everyone for the excitement, generosity, and good will that they have built into this tour. “Every mile we move I become more convinced that we can do something for the greater good; there are many people around the nation that do care about the world.” – Olowo-n’djo  


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