Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What’s in your summer skin care arsenal?

July is in full swing which means one thing in the Pacific Northwest (and many other places around the U.S.), summer is here! What’s one of the best ways we can think of to care for your skin during the warm summer months?


 Dr. Oz thinks so too, he mentioned Neem in his most recent ’12 healthy herbs for home cures.’

Neem leaves.
Neem tree, on the Togo savanna.

The Neem tree is native to India, but also grows wild on the Savannas of West Africa. Every part of the tree serves a purpose, from the bark to the seeds, and there really isn’t much this miracle tree isn’t good for. Most of us know the basic skills that Neem possesses: it’s great for flaky scalps and problem skin. But there’s more benefits lurking in those leaves that are worth talking about, especially during these upcoming warm summer months!

Un-commonly known use #1:
Neem oil works as an effective insect repellant! While it’s busy repelling those pesky mosquitoes, it is also providing moisturizing antioxidants for your skin as well. It is completely non-toxic and earth friendly. How many chemical-laden aerosol insect repellents do you know that can claim that? 

Unrefined Neem Oil

Un-Commonly known use #2:
Neem oil can also be used as a natural pesticide in the garden, and it’s pollinator friendly- an important thing to be mindful of, with the current state of today’s dwindling pollinator populations.

Un-Commonly known use #3:
Neem works wonders on pets as a flea deterrent. In fact, our EveryDay Shea unscented body wash is a fantastic pet wash. It’s mild, gentle, and the first ingredient is Neem Leaf Extract!

What innovative ways have you come up with to use Neem in your everyday life? Looking for more products with Neem? Try these!

Neem and Black Soap Skin Recovery Facial Care Set.

Neem and Shea Body Lotion
   Neem and Shea Conditioner
  Neem and Shea Shampoo


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